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Achieve Optimum Health with Nutrition & Pilates

Diet and exercise play a major role in how you feel and function. Your quality of life is highly dependent on these two factors.

Combining functional nutrition with intelligent exercise can help you achieve optimal health levels, abundant vitality, and an enhanced lifestyle. My passion in life is health and well-being. My goal is to help you improve yours.

"For many years I have had in-person clinic sessions with Samantha. During lockdown we moved to Zoom sessions. I was delighted with these as they worked just as well as the clinic sessions. It also meant I no longer had to travel to see her. Furthermore there was no difference in quality of care – a win/win situation."

M. Taylor, Oxford

Eat Yourself Healthy

Food is the body's fuel. Eating the wrong foods can be extremely detrimental to your health. However the right foods can have a profoundly beneficial effect on energy levels, brain function, your immune status and your appearance. There is no reason to suffer the ill-effects of food-related poor health. I should know. I have experienced the life-changing benefits of Nutritional Therapy myself. To learn more about my story visit About Me.

Nutrition Consultations in North London

Samantha currently takes weekly clinics at The Haelan Centre in North London. For bookings and appointment availability please contact Samantha on 07745 578 347 or email For more information please visit the Sessions page.

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One-to-One Pilates: Master Your Body, Improve Your Health, Transform Your Physique

Pilates is a bodywork technique that can benefit everyone: young or old, fit or out of shape. The beauty of the technique is that it can be adapted to suit any 'body'. You don't have to be “superfit” or flexible to practise this superior form of exercise.

Benefits include a toned body, impeccable posture, effective rehabilitation from injuries, alleviation of pain, and overall improved health. It is not surprising that Pilates is the number one exercise method recommended by medical specialists and physiotherapists.

As a qualified Pilates Instructor, Samantha teaches both machine-based and mat classes in a number of studios. She also gives private lessons in the comfort of your own home, clinic room or studio. For more information you can contact Samantha on 07745 578 347 or email

'The body is a sacred garment.'
Martha Graham

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