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Nutrition Testimonials

"I met Samantha during a weekend workshop in London. She was a total nutrition guru. Her enthusiastic and professional teaching methods left me feeling charged-up, enthused and full of inspiration. I freelance as a nutrition writer so it helped me a lot with ideas on what’s nutritionally topical at the moment.

As a teacher, Samantha is excellent at taking the time to answer everyone’s questions. You’re guaranteed to leave her sessions feeling inspired and wanting to eat nothing short of incredibly healthy and revitalizing food! You’ll never look at your lunch in the same way again."

E K, Freelance Journalist

"I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for all your support over the last few years. I first came to your clinic for a consultation and have not looked back since. Your easy-going and caring approach makes any patient feel at ease. As a result I am well on my way to recovery and am indebted to you. Thank you and keep up the excellent work."

D St M, West London

"Traditional medicine's solution for my stomach complaint was medication for the rest of my life. However, within days of reading Samantha's website, I was given a personally devised eating plan at her clinic and the need for medication has now become a thing of the past. My eating plan was devised completely in line with my requirements and my lifestyle - nothing horrible was imposed!

Samantha is a realistic and credible therapist. I would highly recommend visiting her for a holistic, natural alternative to conventional medicine."

N H, South London

"I went to Samantha with a packed up immune system and was slightly skeptical about what could be done. Through a really positive and assertive approach, I took on a strict nutritional plan which got me right back on track.

I did not question Sam's integrity or experience once. She was able to identify my condition and treat me appropriately from the very first day. I was always confident she would be there if I was tempted to stray from the path! I can thoroughly recommend both the Iridology and Nutritional Plan consultations."

K M, Devon

"When I first came to Samantha for advice I didn't realise quite how serious some of my nutritional deficiencies had become, and how bad a state my body was in. If Samantha hadn't been as thorough and perceptive in her diagnosis of my condition, as calm and understanding of my needs and requirements, and as creative and knowledgeable in her solutions, I truly believe I would not be on the road to recovery today.

Quite simply, through her skills she brought me back from the edge of a permanently debilitating condition, and for this I owe her my future as a healthy, well person."

J M, North London

"I found Samantha’s consultations an incredibly positive and rewarding experience. When I first met her my diet was limited and I had a bad relationship with food in general, particularly with comfort eating. After only a couple of sessions my diet had improved dramatically and I am now far more adventurous than I ever thought possible. In particular I was amazed how my energy levels increased in just a few days. But this wasn’t just a quick fix – I continue to feel the benefits almost three years later.

Samantha is supportive and intuitive on an emotional level as well as being incredibly clear and knowledgeable about nutrition – I really couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Booking in time to see her was one of the best decisions I have ever made!"

A H, North London

"Just a note to say thank you so much for all your advice on our recent consultations. With your assistance I have shifted 3 stone of excess weight that has not budged despite years of dieting and working out at the gym daily for up to 2 - 3 hours for 10 years!

One and a half years ago I could not walk at all because of my arthritis in my right hip, right knee and spine. Despite all the pain and immobility I continued seeking answers that orthodox medicine failed to help me resolve. Thanks to you and proper nutrition I can not only move my hips again (after 4 weeks on your programme), but I have been without pain after the sixth week of the programme and remain pain free 7 months later.

I am so grateful to you. Good luck with your future practice. I intend recommending you to everybody I meet."

T W, North London

"I went to see Samantha after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and being told by my GP that there was nothing I could do apart from take tablets for the rest of my life. I wanted to take control of my health and was recommended nutritional therapy, and Sam, by the Haelan Centre.

Her expertise and support have been invaluable, and nutritional therapy had a far bigger impact on my life than just helping me to manage my thyroid condition. I am healthier, happier and have a lot more energy than I did before - and as a bonus have also got back to, and maintained, my ideal weight. I thought I had a reasonably good understanding of what I should and shouldn't eat before, but working with Samantha has re-educated my eating habits for the better!"

L-M B, North London

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Pilates Testimonials

"Since the age of 13 I have suffered with bad posture and terrible back pain. I tried everything from massages to swimming, osteopaths etc!! Nothing helped, only short term. Then a friend recommended Pilates so I started Sam’s classes.

Not only has it transformed my entire body it has also made me stronger. Now I am pain free, my posture is better and I look forward to the “lovely pain” which I call it the next day after a session with Sam!! I love the way the exercises are explained to us too. I couldn't get through a day’s work before as I’m a hairdresser but now I work 5 days a week with no problem at all.

A big thank you to Sam for changing my life!"

M. Louca, Arnos Grove, London

"Samantha has been my personal Pilates teacher for over 7 years and I cannot recommend her as a person, or her teaching ethics and ability, highly enough. She is exceptionally knowledgeable about Pilates in general, one's whole body mechanisms and she will have the answer to most of your nutritional problems too! She possesses a very easy-going attitude, lovely sense of humour, with a genuine warm outgoing personality.

Whether you're a complete beginner to Pilates or a seasoned enthusiast, Samantha will somehow coax the best out of you in a very understanding, yet inspirational manner!"

J. Brown, Cockfosters

"I have been practicing Pilates for over 15 years and probably the last 7 years, with Samantha. Every week she finds innovative ways in which to keep the classes fresh and challenging, at the same time pushing us to go that little bit further in each position when we start to falter. Even after all these years, the effects and benefits of the classes are felt after each session.

Samantha makes the classes fun and ensures each participant feels comfortable and encourages us to listen to our bodies when something doesn't feel quite right. Samantha's techniques and knowledge during the routines leave you satisfied and fulfilled that you have achieved a thorough work out.

However I am feeling or whatever the weather outside, I endeavour to get to her classes as I know by the end of the session I will feel invigorated."

K. Constantinou, London

"Many years ago, Sam, started teaching at a Pilates gym I attended. I could not have been more thrilled. She took small group equipment classes as well as larger mat classes and her ability and professionalism became apparent from the moment she walked through the door. I became a fan of hers immediately and attended as many of her classes/sessions as possible!

Over many years of working with many different Pilates teachers, I have experienced lots of different teachers and lots of different teaching styles - I cannot recommend Sam highly enough; she is first class! She talks through exercises in a way that makes it easy to correct oneself. She is excellent at quickly picking up the varying ability within her group and finding appropriates routines for all levels. She is always prepared and an hour passes by so quickly that you want it to carry on.

With busy professional lives it is all too easy to skip classes, but with Sam teaching you, you won’t want to! Her classes rapidly felt like a lifeline to me - I have followed her from gym to gym. My only complaint is that she does not do enough sessions - I would love her to do more!"

A very big fan, M. Coffey, Highgate

"Having attended Pilates classes for over a decade, I can honestly say Sam is one of the best teacher I have had. She is always cheerful, extremely giving with her time and energy, and continually pushes you physically, whilst remaining sensitive to your individual limit. I feel totally energised after each weekly session.

Teaching Pilates is not just a job for her; she genuinely cares about helping you make the most of your time together and the results speak for themselves."

K. Bhundia, North London

"I am in my sixties and was encouraged by my daughters 15 months ago to join a Pilates class to improve my suppleness and general well being. Being a virtual beginner, I was apprehensive but I can say that meeting Sam and attending her classes has been a very positive experience. She is enthusiastic and very caring, and has the ability to encourage and help every member of the class, irrespective of their ability.

The classes are well prepared, varied and fun. I look forward to my classes every week and I feel that I have achieved my initial goal of improving my general well being and fitness, although there is still plenty of work to be done!"

P. Morrish, Highgate

"A bit of background about me before I talk about Samantha.

I'm 70 and a long term diabetic. Until around 20 years ago I played cricket and squash. I cycled to work until I retired. I now have severe osteo-arthritis in both knees; left knee has been replaced twice. The past 10 years has in some ways been very frustrating - great difficulty coming to terms with the pain associated with most forms of exercise. Even something as straightforward as a walk on the Heath.

Last year I decided to find out about local facilities for Pilates and was told about Samantha by a neighbour who goes to one of her classes in Highgate. I'd be less than honest if I said I went into the first session, at home, without apprehension. Ten years of limping had left my calf muscles and hamstrings wasted and weak and the arthritis has spread to my shoulders and hands.

Samantha took time to find out about me, my medication, interests and what I hoped to get from Pilates. We started gently with emphasis on stretching - mainly legs and shoulders. The early sessions were not easy but Samantha is so encouraging that it has never occurred to me to give up - indeed I am not a happy bunny if we have to miss a session and I now try to have 2 each week.

The exercise is tough but Samantha's enthusiasm is infectious and, after 9 months I can see/feel the benefits - particularly the much stronger muscles in my left leg. The quad and calf muscles have taken a lot of pressure from the knee which is beginning to look like one again.

I am still in a lot of pain but the benefit from the exercise is great - it isn't just that I feel physically stronger. I am much more positive and happier. And I'm enjoying walking again. Samantha deserves a lot of credit for the turnaround. I have no inhibitions about recommending her to family and friends. Indeed my son and his wife now have a weekly slot and are nearly as keen as I.

Recently she said to me -about herself - "I was exhausted going to clinic but inspired by my lovely clients. Such a privilege to help people. I do love my work. It energises me." Need I say more?"

A. Siddick, Highgate

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